Customer Accounts / Purchase Order Policy

Vanguard Technetics, Inc (VTI)., DBA SafetyKnife.com, accepts purchase orders from customers who have pre-established credit accounts. Application for an account can be made by completeing and signing our Credit Application Form. Note, your sparate, standard credit / bank reference list is acceptable in lieu of completing the reference sections of the application, however, the signed application is required. (click here to download the files Credit Application / W-9 / VTI Vendor Contact Informaion – – Right Click or Option-Click the link and choose “Save As” )

VTI invoices all credit customers electronically, via the Internet, in the form of PDF files through E-Mail or FAX. By applying for credit, the customer acknowledges and accepts VTI’s invoicing method. If customer requires some other means of invoice delivery, a manual processing fee will be incurred through Tier pricing.

VTI’s payment terms are NET10, from invoice date to payment date unless otherwise arranged and approved. Such approval is based on a per case evaluation. Customers requesting longer NET terms can expect to be placed in Tier pricing as follows:

Net 30 – Tier 1.0
Net 45 – Tier 1.5
Net 60 – Tier 2.0
Net 90 – Tier 4.0

In addition to obtaining Bank and Trade references, VTI may use several different credit reporting agencies to assist in credit reviews.

All orders to credit customer accounts must be by purchase order, signed (manually or electronically) by an authorized representative of the customer. Electronic transfer of purchase orders via email or fax is accepable and encouraged.Still have questions? Please E-Mail us with specific questions.